What more appropriate way to finish the year 2020 but by writing this post? I often would like to capture a more full spectrum of our family’s life in golf. No doubt it is our mutual love together. A way of testing our mutual efforts, forgiving ourselves our failures, licking our wounds together, picking each other up with loving arms … and every once in a while even the joyous embrace of a WIN (of course we like those the most!) that keep us coming back for more.

This Monday/Tuesday Donald Ross Championship began with a good start for both boys on Monday and just as quick as that Tuesday’s play, for both boys, was a struggle.

There truly is so much psychology that goes into golf, especially tournament golf. I think former President of the USGA, Bill Campbell, says it best in the below clip. And so we look forward to recovering and coming back stronger for next year’s 74th Donald Ross Jr. Championships (same time, same place).

Bill Campbell on Donald Ross and Golf

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  1. NANA

    What better way to appreciate the wins than dealing and learning from the losses with grace. Today Zabe and Jeff winning the Father Son tournament is a perfect example of not letting a bad day yesterday affecting today. A perfect life lesson. CONGRATS ❤️

  2. Amy

    What a lovely message! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Uncle John

    You guys all look like you are having the greatest of times. Keep playing by all means. Win , lose, or draw it is the playing that makes life great!! I love you guys…hugs all around.

    Love Uncle John

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