We are here and IT IS AS HOT AS PROMISED! Wow! The whole city of Dothan, Alabama has been graciously hosting this event for 73 years and the entire town comes out to support the club and the players. The Future Masters has become one of the proving grounds for today’s junior golfers (https://www.futuremastersgolf.com/public/site/index.cfm). Practice rounds today and Zabe’s tournament starts tomorrow thru Tuesday then Zac’s tournament is from Thursday thru Saturday.

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  1. Olin

    Zack and Zabe: All the best in this tournament!. Enjoy and have fun! Zack I’ve been using whoop and it really is helping me understand my body better. Thanks and play well.
    Olin Saunders

    1. Ysreen

      Hello Olin, Zac has shared w us his golf outings with you and really enjoys your company. I’m sure he is looking forward to some more fun golf with you. I’ll share your email with him as I know he was looking to be able to contact you. Thanks for following 🙂 (subscribe here: https://shoresfamilygolf.com/contact 🙂

  2. Godma

    Wow my dear godson make sure you stay hydrated as I know you know and conserve your resources and have fun above all.

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