Congratulations Jeff and Zabe on your win! This alternate shot format tournament takes place the day after the 2 day junior tournaments and was on the beautiful Pinehurst No. 4. This year’s event had the most participants of any in the past with 80 parent/child groups competing. Jeff and Zabe shot 2 under par (70) leaving them 5 strokes ahead of their nearest competitor.

One of the only errant shots of the day required Zabe taking his shoes off to hit out of the water resulting in a bogie. Love the Putter Boy trophy!

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  1. NANA

    Always#1 ON my SCORE CARD🥳

  2. Uncle John

    Great play boys! Have a great New Year! Uncle John

  3. Mary Catherine

    Great way to start the new year! Glad for you both.

  4. Andy Scheldrup

    Fun to follow their success Jeff!

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