This just wasn’t the week to miss fairways and unfortunately we weren’t hitting many of them. Zabe did a fantastic job trying to manage his frustrations and keep his head on, but the heat and opening rounds of 73 and 74 left him pretty fried by the final day of play. So many great shots but not enough to get any real momentum or make up for the inconsistencies with the driver and missed birdie opportunities when he had them this week. We had a fantastic time making new friends with several of the families we got to play with and there was some great play by a lot of the boys, including Zabe’s friend John John Santospago who finished with a 10th place and Hamilton Coleman who played exceptionally well and finished tied for 3rd. Time for mom and dad to put our feet up for the evening and get ready for the next four days of HOT weather and hopefully HOT play with Zac in the 15-18 year old Future Masters.

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  1. Godma

    I am impressed that the two full days of play happened! Yay. And gathering friends will last a lifetime—love Gma

  2. Kylie

    A wet shoe is dedication! Proud of you, Zabe!

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