Bumped into this one and thought you would all enjoy it. This one goes back to 2012 when Zac was 7 years old. Jeff and he shot a podcast for the apparel company, Southern Tide, for their “Golf Tips With PGA Pro, Jeff Shores.” This video was specifically on “Golfing with Kids.” As you all may note, Zac’s infectious enthusiasm hasn’t changed much. 🙂

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  1. Mary Catherine Bach

    Jeff, it’s easy to watch this and understand why the boys both have such enthusiasm for golf, and life in general.
    Your easy yet professional manner immediately grabs one’s attention and makes us want to join you.
    Congratulation on Golf Squad’s success, and hopefully in 2021 you’ll all have a chance to reach even more children.

    1. Jeff

      Thanks, Mary! Two things I take from this video….1. Zac’s personality has not changed in the last 8 years (funny and outgoing). 2. My golf fashion sense was very questionable! 😂🤣

  2. Amy


  3. Aunt Robyn

    I just love seeing these faces! No wonder y’all are busy so successful. Jeff is so patient and kind and well Zac, that face! So adorbs (now and then). Love you!

    1. Ysreen

      Thanks Robyn! Miss you all and sending much love always! xx

  4. Godma

    This is why I always loved being coached by Jeff-he knows the best way to keep enthusiasm growing.

  5. John

    Hi Jeff and Zac, You guys are a great team. Your presentation makes one want to get out on the course and have some fun. Very nice swing Zac!!

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