Pinewild Country Club played host to the local DCP qualifier.  As we’ve seen from past experience with DCP events, it’s 3 drives, 3 chips, and 3 putts…so, unlike a regular tournament, 1 bad shot in this skills challenge can take you out of the competition.  Zabe has gotten past the local qualifier before, but has struggled in the past with the chipping.  He has been practicing his short game a lot over the last few months, so felt pretty confident going into this event.  He started strong in the drive portion, hitting 3 drives right down the middle of the grid and scoring 52 points.  Zabe went to the chipping station with a look of resolve and focus.  He proceeded to make the first 2 chips and hit the third fairly close and received another 55 points.  The putting element is typically Zabe’s strongest skill, and he did not disappoint…scoring another 60 points for an overall total of 167.  Zabe won by 38 points to the nearest competitor and noe advances to the sub-regional competition…

Grandover Resort
Greensboro, NC 27407
AUG 20, 2022

One small step towards the National Finals in Augusta!

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  1. Godma

    Thanks for sharing this detailed description of Zabe’s DCP qualifier. So glad those short game drills are paying off. Lots of ❤️

  2. Lance dawson

    Cant wait to see this young man in the finals!
    Well done young lad!


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