I try to write the boys a letter summarizing their past year and give it to them on their birthday. Zac’s 12 year old birthday letter was one that included the passing of my very dear father, Erv (“Papa Erv”).

I share an excerpt from this letter (with Zac’s permission) as a testament of just what junior golf can be to many different people and to families … even moms.

“Although I’ve spoken with you about our first tournament together, it must be written in order to preserve how dear of a day that was. That tournament on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at Waterford Golf Club in Charlotte, NC was one to always remember. That day was a true turning point in my life as up until that day I really struggled with the passing of Papa Erv (my life had been turned upside down and learning to heal through the grief was a true struggle for me). Both your grandmothers were there and dad caddied for the first several holes before going to caddie for Zabe. When I stepped in to take over as a caddie, it was just you and I out there. And boy, what a feeling … I was alive again! Walking by your side, encouraging you through disappointment, high fiving when you chipped in, throwing your iron in the creek (and pulling my shoes and socks off to jump in and retrieve it), talking only of the hot dogs we were going to devour after the tournament walking down the fairway of hole 17, and, possibly best of all, having you give me a hug and so sincerely say (more than once), “Thank you, mom, for being my caddie today.” Boy, what a fantastic day! That day relit a spark for life and its unfolding mysteries that I so desperately needed. Thank you, Zac. I look forward to many more days on the course of life with you.”

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  1. Jo Carol

    I REMEMBER THE DAY VERY WELL. It was a special day for all of us. ❤️I am so very proud of all of the family and how we love and support each other through the challenges we face. We are loving, grateful,
    honest, determined, hardworking individuals who realize it takes time, effort, patience (a lot of that) to reach your goals. My love and support always and have lived long enough to see my hopes and dreams for all of you “playing out”.😊⛳️

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