These guys! Even on Christmas this is what they want to be doing. Zac wins with a 54 for the 18 holes (Zabe finishing with 60 and Jeff 62 strokes) the first annual Shores Christmas Competition here at Pinehurst’s Cradle. A beautiful bitter cold (around 28°) but sunny day.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year together! XXOO

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  1. Mary Catherine

    Jeff, Wow. You’re next career should definitely be in broadcasting.
    You are engaging, entertaining and yet succinct, informative and smooth!!!!
    Photogenic is a given because you’ve had that going for you since Gerber Baby Foods discovered you.

    1. Jeff

      Thanks, Mary!

      Not sure about next career…I’m looking for one of these kids to hit it big and let me retire to a life of leisure golf! 🤣😂

      We had a great time and I’ll, God willing, have a chance to redeem myself next year.

  2. Uncle Grizzel

    I bet BIG on the teenager!!! I’m in the money money money. 🙂
    Everyone looks great and sounds like a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Happy Holidays Shores Family.

    1. Jeff

      Safe bet on one of the young ones, Mike…especially with the temp at 20 something degrees. My brittle bones were done before the first tee shot. 🤣😂

      Here’s to a warmer Christmas in 2021…☀️⛳️🏆

  3. NANA


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