We are collecting ideas from our followers on areas they would like to hear us discuss or cover in our upcoming podcasts that will be shot from our new offices in Pinehurst. Let us know and we’ll talk about it!

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  1. John

    Well, a couple of topics you might touch on which are not specifically about golf, but ones that you certainly could claim some expertise concerning would be related to general health like:
    Skin care tips for people that spend a lot of time in the sun; and
    Exercise tips which would help people develop and maintain back strength and flexibility and
    Mental exercises that develop physical focus and concentration over long time periods and
    Nutrition tips and
    Other health advice, that you may take for granted, which contributes to your enjoyment of the game and increased proficiency in playing it

  2. Keni

    Give us the inside story on Pinehurst (what a wonderful place in the US!). Tell us detailed tips on how to truly engage a child as a parent in the wonderful world of golf (as we know it can be a very mature endeavor). Just be you as only you all can do!

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