It’s so nice to have spring, summer, fall, winter tournament series and the in between weeks that provide the whole family a much needed downtime from the demanding work / school / tournament / life schedule.

This winter is interesting in that Zabe plays a two day tournament this weekend and Zac next weekend and that schedule will continue for much of the winter through most of January. Most of these winter tournaments are scheduled for the Carolinas with two majors in December (the Holiday Classic on December 21-22 in Palm Beach and the Donald Ross Junior Championship at Pinehurst on December 28-29).

Jeff and I are both looking forward to getting some more looping in very soon and will keep you all posted as they come.

In the meantime, here are Zac’s and Zabe’s full swings. Keep Swinging! 🙂

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  1. Mary Catherine

    Wow, the boys are now young men. The schedule you listed sounds year-round and that could be grueling for all, but the routine you’ve established sounds like you’re all good. So, only question remaining – when will we see y’all here on the West Coast? Pebble Beach Pro/Am calling?

    1. Ysreen

      We would love to visit and boys are dreaming of playing Pebble Beach! Thank you, Aunt Mary! xo

  2. Uncle John

    Great Swings !!! Smooth as Silk…Steely…Super Superb…Uncle John

  3. Jo Davis

    My guys all of them. So proud of discipline, and commitment to excellence in all areas. Working together as a strong family unit is the key. It is wonderful being able to watch the growth in all areas of life.. ♥️

  4. Kylie

    Great swings! They are killin’ the golf game.

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