What a weekend! Zac, caddying for himself, shoots an 81 on Pinehurst No. 2 on Saturday (the championship course) and a 74 on No. 1 on Sunday to finish 9th out of 61 players for the 2 day tournament. His best finish this season and tying for the Most Par Breakers of all the players with 7 birdies.

His current series standing is 14th with 5 more two-day tournaments ahead to play. We are very excited as a whole family with his hard work and progress!

Here’s a clip of the final hole (birdie!) on the famous Pinehurst No. 2 from Saturday …

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  1. Mary Catherine

    Congratulations Zac!
    Wow – breaking records is just a “Shores Family Golf” thing.
    You look great on the clip. Good work.

  2. Amy

    Nice work!! Love having the clip!

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