Zac is settling into several areas of his high school life quite nicely and he’s being very positive and patient on bringing it all together on the course. Moved up to 16th this weekend . Considering his tournaments are now all “playing from the tips” he’s very happy the driver is looking good and coming off clean. He’s focused on managing the big numbers a bit more through better course management and understanding the “no-go zones”.

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  1. Jo Davis

    “MOVIN ON UP “ your doing great ZAC.

  2. Kylie

    Doing amazing, Z! Keep up the good work.

  3. kate

    Great job Zac!

  4. Amy

    Few adults could handle what Zac is juggling. Respect!

  5. Aunt Robyn

    Amazing! Way to go!

  6. Mary Catherine

    Other than not being able to understand some of the terms, I get the gist – YOU ARE DOING GREAT ZAC!

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