Zac has been swinging a golf club since before he could walk and has grown up as a home schooled child in the office of the family golf business, Golf Squad. His mother was trained as a top level gymnast and his father a PGA Professional. He has personally chosen golf as an athlete and has been playing junior tournaments since he was 11 years old.

Zac Shores Bio
2022 – 3rd at Pinehurst Winternational #8
2021 – 30th in Teen Worlds Championships 15-18 Year Olds
2021 – Only Freshman to make the Pinecrest Varsity Golf Team
2021 – 1st at Winternational #4 (tournament low of 71 on No. 4)
2020 – 2nd in the Carolinas State Invitational
2020 – 16th in the Jekyll Island Cup Regional
2020 – 47th in Teen Worlds Championships 15-18 Year Olds (youngest tournament player; 14 at start of tournament)
2020 – Winner of Pinehurst Summer Series (wins 5 of 6 tournaments)
2020 – 19th Copperhead Classic

Other Posts and Tournament Finishes

Zac attends Pinecrest High School, Pinehurst, NC (Class of 2024)
Zac was home schooled from 3 years old until freshman year in high school

Zac plays the guitar.
Zac can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutes.
Zac likes to play pool, ping pong and fish with friends.