For a family that has always home schooled our boys, having to go to school has been used as a threat, more than a few times, on days when things just get to be too much for mom and dad (even going as far as driving him to the school campus and walking him to the office).

What this 15 year old boy will do to play on the Pinecrest golf team has come as no surprise. We know he is in good hands there and are very excited for him to be a part of this special campus.

Wishing this beautiful and talented boy the best! (And, yes, I did cry.)

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  1. Coach Beechler

    We are so excited that you are a Pinecrest Patriot! Our school motto this year is PATRIOTS UNITED! Welcome!
    We are here for you-

    1. Ysreen

      Thank you, Coach. He is thrilled to be a Patriot! Looking forward to the next four years together! xo

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